Below are some examples what I’ve been working on recently.

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Blind Spot Movie.
I was the cameraman, editor, fx and soundtrack composer for this low budget feature length movie.  more info

I created at this example of Motion Graphics an  exercise for my students .. based on a local university ad.

3D Models of new aircraft — for Lightwing Australia

draft2_Pic_005 onWater_02_Pic_001


New six seater Fan Thrust model

3D model new aircraft for Brumby Aircrafts


3D Composite for Moore Creative Stuff

Here is A Title Sequence for HIDEOUT

Fearless Text animation.

This Reel is a bit outdated — doing another with some better stuff.

Slow Motion Gun Shot is from the short movie HIDEOUT — After Effects and MAYA.

“soul sucking” is from the short movie WINGS — these FX were done in After Effects with additional modelling and animating Moths in MAYA.

Writing in the Clouds

Tracking and adding muzzle flash

Slow Motion Rifle shot — Test FX for “Hideout”

Grenade Blast Test FX tests for film “Hideout”

More Explosion tests

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